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      My boss started an online newspaper. Now, he wants to record a thirty minute "live to tape" news broadcast, that he could send out to local networks for later broadcast. I don't even know where to start, but he has put me on figuring out the basics.

      He wants to be able to feed graphics, edit, etc… live and not have to have much if any post-production. I'm thinking about maybe using LiveStream Studio (

      I have no clue what to do as far as what lights to purchase… From what I can tell, some use a five point setup (front, overhead, back and two sides) – I would like to keep it simple as possible, we are just starting out.

      I really don't even know where to start as far as what lights those might be. I'd like to find a couple options in between 5k and 10k including software, lighting and two cameras.

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      10k for a live to tape newscast with multiple cameras… it's not going to happen.  

      As for lighting, you can't beat the stuff from coolights or flolights for quality and low cost. I would look first at flourencent fixtures.  They tend to be a little easier to light with than LEDs.  I own Kinoflo Divas and some LED panels from flolight and 9 out of 10 times I grab the kinos first.  The light is fuller spectrum and more flattering.  Keep it simple.  One back per talent and crosskey the front.  You can do an up light to flatter the talent but since you have so little to work with, keep the lighting VERY simple.



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      Just one of our video switching kits is well north of 10K and that doesn't include cameras, lighting, graphics, audio, cabling, convertors, just to name a few.  Especially if it's going to a PAL or NTSC broadcast news network station you have to ensure the format is correct, color is correct audio is correct.  I guess you could create something and send it but creating and sending and getting it played are way different things. 


      I don't want to discourage at all but we have several kits used for live broadcast, a production van and everything else needed and we have a very difficult time getting the local networks to pick up any of our content unless it is something they really want and we got it first.


      Good luck and drop us an email if you have questions

Viewing 2 reply threads
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