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      I am looking a buying a better quality videcamera to make comercial videos fr my websites and youtube stuff. i want these to be in really good quality. I have no clue what to buy. I have looked at Canon's dm xm2 which i can findused on ebay for reasonable money. is this good? is it Hd? do i need hd? any thoughts would be appreciatted…


      Jason (Denmark)

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      Hello Scotauto,



      I suppose the first question should be, what is your budget? That will drive any decision on purchasing a camera. There is a wide range of cameras that will do a wonderful job of shooing video. 
      With that said, we have not reviewed the Canon's dmxm2 here at Videomaker, so it would be hard to give an honest opinion. But we would be able to say that Canon make a great product. Their latest is the EOS Mark |||. We've written a review on the EOS Mark ||| camera that you can read more about it. The price point is $3,500. 
      If you're looking for something more consumer based check out the JVC Everio GZ-GX1
      To answer the question if you need HD, the answer would be yes. Do invest in a HD camera, it's needed these days to keep up with the quality of video, on comercial videos, Youtube, web sites and more.
      Hope this information helps. 
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