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      Unorthodox Gent

      So I pretty much cut my teeth on this video, I was asked to do this for a local reggae/ska band. Mind you this was my first actual "job" with no formal or prior training, I picked the camera the night before from a buddy of mine.


      So my reason for putting this video up is I would like criticism, comments, feedback, etc; on that video. What I did wrong, What I could've done better, What I didn't do at all. No worries, I have thick skin and I entertain any comments, as long as it pertrain to the video itself.






      • Canon T1i
      • Kit Lens 18-55mm
      • Built-in Audio
      • Windows Movie Maker (yuck)



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      First, I have mad respect for anyone who posts videos to these forums seeking feedback.  That's very brave of you, and a good way to learn, especially if you can handle honest constructive criticism.  With that said, here is how I would grade you.


      The opening shot was very cool up until the point you moved the camera to adjust for the height of the guys walking.  I would have either left it low and let them walk past it that way or framed the shot for their headroom ahead of time, but would not have moved that particular shot.


      You had a good mixture of different camera angles throughout the video.  High shots, low shots, eye level, etc.  Keep in mind this little rule that photojournalists use when shooting – Wide, Medium, Tight.  Make a point to always have a good mixture of wide shots, medium shots and close ups.  You did pretty good with that on this.  Always be on the lookout for creative shots.


      You shoot well for a novice, but there are times I can tell you haven't been shooting for a long time.  Camera moves aren't always very smooth and some of the time you pull focus it isn't as smooth as it could be, but those things will come with time.


      For me, this video didn't seem finished.  As I watched it I asked myself what this was suppose to be?  A music video? A documentary?  Something else? The beginning felt like a music video, but then it moved into just general broll.  So from that perspective, I thought it needed a more clear direction. 


      I think with the footage you have you could make a really solid documentary. You would need a lot more footage of course, but you would have a good start to a short docu style film. 


      I like how you ended it sorta the way you began it, but I would have had the music sting out while they were walking away.  Find ways to make it feel more epic.


      A very good first video, but obviously you have room to improve.  The good news is that you seem willing to learn and will probably only get better and better.  Best of luck with your future videos!




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      Hey there, as a video editing newbie, I got say man, you rock!


      I personally love the way you begin your video, and the music you apply is great! BTW, I'm a big fan of music. What's more, you did a brilliant job on the trasition of different scenes. 


      Will, if you don't mind, there's one thing I'd like to point out, your camera moves not that stable during the video making. I would do as Creekhouse Prod said, either left it low and let them walk past it that way or framed the shot for their headroom ahead of time, but would not have moved that particular shot.


      After all, I think your video is amaizng.Thanks for sharing man!


      This is really important, did you edit the whole video with Windows Movie Maker?!!! Wow!!! I used to editing videos with it, but I think it's impossible to output a video like yours! Now I'm asking for video editing software that have rich video effects. Any recommendation? 



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      Aviv Vana

      Awesome effort here!

      My quick 2c. Many of the shots can be much shorter. After 2-3 seconds (unless it's a mesmerizing shot) you can already cut to the next shot. The entire piece can be shorter and this will keep the viewers attention. 


      Keep it up!

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      Unorthodox Gent

      Well first of all thanks for responding, I was getting a tad bit worried that the "newbie" in the title discouraged people from looking at it, but thanks for giving it a gander. As a youngster in life (23) and a newbie to video, it's emparitive to keep an open mind and not be dogmatic about the very small knowledge you do posses at, but thank you, I appreciate it. I'm looking to advance my knowledge of video, from a mental and technical aspect so what better way than an open forum of professionals and extreme hobbyist.


      I intended for the video to be Promotional/Small Documentary style for the band and their upcoming project, looking back at it, it came of kind of ambigous.


      I'm actually scheduled to shoot another video in about two weeks. This time I took about 3 hours to list/map out all my shots, when, where, how, etc; I'm still getting the hang of the manual exposure, ISO, etc;


      I've been working on smoother camera movements, since I don't have a steadycam I have to do it the old fashioned way, which I don't mind doing. I'm trying to make my movements more deliberate and planned, just so I can avoid random jerky movement and unfavorable shoots.


      Once again, I really do appreciate you combing through my first video.

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      I was happy to do it.  I enjoy seeing what types of videos people, especially the 'newbies' are making.  I think making a shot list and planning your camera movements is exactly the right way to go.  Just doing that little bit of planning will likely make a big difference in your final product. 


      Post your future videos on here for us to look at.  It would be cool to see the progression of your talent as you continue to hone your skills.



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