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      I'm going to start making videos for a blog and web site and am at square 1.  Assume correctly that I'm a technologial idiot!


      I have a Sony Hanycam and need an external mic to improve the sound.  Whenever I google searched for the mic, external phone mics come up, but their desciptions say they're for phones.   Will an external phone mic work for a Handycam?  If not, which one should I use?


      Tie clip mic, cheap to start.  



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      As long as your camera has a mic jack, any lavalier (lapel) mic will work.  Go to B&H's website and search for wireless lavalier or lapel mics.  You might even be able to get something from their used section.  As far as cheap goes, Audio Technica has a line of cheap mic systems.  But be warned, if you skimp on price, you skimp on quality.  The cheaper microphones are proned to picking up more interference.

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      Sadly, not quite the case. Most external mics are condensers, and need power. This is supplied by the camera, and can be superimposed on the audio circuit, or supplied separately. In practice the common system uses a three circuit 3.5mm jack plug looking like a normal stereo headphone plug, however some mics use a 2 circuit plug. No ring contact at all. Most of the more modern Sony cameras use 3 circuit connections. The only real way to tell is to plug them in and see! I have also got a number of radio mic type mics with the same plug, and again, they are often wired with the same connector. I have some that will work in a Panasonic camera but not in sony

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      I just bought wireless Sennheizer 100ENG G3 micro/receiver and I am not familiar with  it. I read the book that comes with the micro/receiver and cannot figura out how to deal with '' sensibility '' 0db -6db -12db and so on. These adjustment appear on both the micro and receiver. I payed with that and ended up with no sound on the video playback or just scrap. How should I use these numbers on both unit to get sound?

      Ya you laugh, I now I am amateur, but I love doing video of my kids with the new equipment I just make it worts then before.

      Thqnk you


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      The sensitivity on the transmitter is an adjustment to match the input to the sound from the mic. In an open space, picking up a whisper needs more gain than recording in front of a jet engine or maybe at the F1 grand prix! Set to 0dB when the mic is in a loud environment will distort the tx pack preamp, and set to -20dB, a quiet sound won't have enough ooomph to be heard. The similar adjustment on the receiver just sets it's output level so it can go into a mic level input, guitar level, or two levels pro audio kit expects on it's input.  Look at the audio level on the meters to set the transmitter gain, then adjust the receiver output level to match whatever you are plugging into.

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