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      Jo Luci

      I'm just a video editing novice but I've had the chance to do several low-key video projects for family and friends over the years. It's fun. But I have a LOT to learn. 


      Anyway, a major problem I'm having right now. A friend gave me some DVDs of a conference she taught, and she wanted me to add some info to the video at the beginning and end, and prepare a file for uploading to the internet. 


      So what I've done is copy the files off the DVD onto my computer (no special program, just dragging them onto my hard drive). Then I open them with Sony Vegas Platinum 11 (my editing workspace) and they are .VOB files. The video looks ok when I'm editing. Not great, but what you'd expect from copying off a DVD. 


      However, when I try to render the video to a 30fps, 1280×720, .mp4 file (if that's not good info LMK) it comes out blurry. Not clear. Poor quality. It sucks. 


      Could you let me know if possible what I'm doing wrong and how I can correct this?


      Thanks in advance for any advice!! 

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      The problem is that you're coming from a highly compressed source format — mp2 — and further compressing the video into mp4. I doubt you can do much to improve the image quality.




Viewing 1 reply thread
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