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      I recently shot a lot of video from a clamp in my car. because of the position, it is all upside down.

      The problem is that while Adobe Lightroom lets me rotate the stills, the video clips are not able to be rotated inside Lightroom.

      Does anyone know of a simple way to rotate the clips without re-coding, or am I asking the impossible?

      I tried Movie Maker on one file and it reduced the file size from 76Mb to 30Mb. I appreciate that that on it's own does not necessarily mean a loss of quality, and that there is a lot more to it (which I do not pretend to understand). However it does appear to be a slightly poorer quality.

      I also tried Avidemux, with almost the same results. Finally I tried Photoshop (it in fact increased that one test file to 90Mb (although I did add a levels layer and converted it to a smart object).

      So it seems as if all these do a re-code.

      I know enough about the subject to be wary of what I'm doing, but way too little to understand the consequences of the various types of codecs/formats etc. So if I have to trust my ignorance to one piece of software, I may well pick Photoshop.

      I do not need any advice as to how to rotate the file. I have that info. What I am after is can I rotate it without re-encoding the file?

      Any thoughts from anyone?

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      If by any chance you shot that video using a GoPro camera, just download the free GoPro CineForm Studio software…it has a 'rotate' feature that simple rotates the image without changing any codec.  I'm not sure if this software will work with files recorded on other cameras, perhaps some .mp4 files might be compatible, but since it's a free download you could give it a try.

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