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      so basically to start my channel was once a somewhat hit. i had around 1,600 subscribers on youtube and i felt good. then one day youtube i guess slapped me in the face because around 1,200 almost 1,300 accounts got closed. so now im left with approx 385 subscribers who are still around and soon if that.


      what im asking from you guys is to please support me in trying to make my recovery as this heart breaking drop as made me very upset.


      my channel which is the following does have bad quality in the videos, but the gameplay itself is astonishing. everyone ive spoken to says all i have to do is record in higher quality and ill be the best. so im living by that. this month ill be getting a better tv, and a better recorder. all i need from you guys is some support! help me guys<3


      thank u



      This is my most recent video of extinction which is multi part series.




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      This site is not about getting people to watch your game video on You tube.  This site is a place to gain knowledge on the art of videography. With out going to your site I assume you are recording gameplay with something like Bandi Cam. If you evey get a camera and film IRL you can learn a lot here. Good luck to you…

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