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      Hey all!


      Name's Travis and in the past I have dabbled with video editing here and there via a video game podcast I was a part of for a few years. I've recently started a new job (hired on as a web developer), but after the bosses discovering some video work I've completed in the past, I'm officially their Audio/Video Director.  I've been doing video "professionally" for 2 months now.


      I enjoy the videos I have finished for the company fairly well, but I'd love some outside constructive advice regarding the work I've wrapped to date. (The company is technically a start-up that began over a year ago, so they will soon start to pour more money into better cameras and equipment.) Videos will be linked out below.  Also, I edit in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.


      Thanks for the advice, in advance!





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      Nice work.  Every videographer has a different perspective, so my advice is purely subjective.  I thought the lighting in your videos could be enhanced…whether by adding lighting or filtering during post.


      Congratulations on your new job!

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      Jackson Wong

      Very cool work Travis.

      Nicely composed shots on the whole, and I especially loved the flying shots in the Wonder Works video. Seems like you really like editing with music, my personal taste is a little smoother between VO and music. I had to do a double take to match the VO with Marshall, though I can imagine the constraints you had there. Across all your videos I’d take a close look at the focus (especially the interviews) and white balance, in the cooking class video, some of the food and skin tones look a little unnatural.

      Keep up the good work, and it’ll be exciting to see what you can do with more funds and support. Happy shooting, editing and audio-ing.

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      Thanks, gents.


      I had an insane time trying to correct the white balance in the cooking class video.  On site, I experienced my worst-case lighting scenario.  There was high wattage flood lights shining onto the entire kitchen area and it was noon, so there was a massive amount of natural light coming in from the back of the room as well.  The second I walked into the space I knew it was going to be an issue.


      Also, the VO in the Gwynn's video was another "fun" work-around in itself.  The lapel mic we were using to record Marshall's audio was defective, so after attempting to clean his tracks up, we decided to re-record his audio and put it back into the video.  That will explain your need to double take during the moments he was on screen.


      I like the drone videos so darn much.  It really helps almost as a longer transition between interview footage and b-roll.  We've also done a bunch of realtor videos with the copter drone and those turn out really well and are frankly the easiest videos to edit in post.  


      Thanks for the positive criticism!  You guys have been a huge help and I will take your advice with me as I hone my skills and become a more efficient a videographer.  



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      Hey Travis, 
      I'm going to come in more on the tool-set side of things. Since you're probably working like mad to get up to speed as the new Audio/Video Director (congrats!), I think you'd really benefit from CTRL+Console -it turns the iPad into an intuitive touchscreen control surface for Premiere and FCP. The interface is designed to make Premiere easier to work with. Plus, it comes with Gesture controls which are not only cool, they also allow you to work more seamlessly and keep your eyes on your footage.  

      Full disclosure, I am on of the founders of this company – So yes, I'm definitely a huge fan of what we've created!! BUT we also have thousands of users and 4 stars on iTunes and at $30 it's extremely affordable for the value you get.  🙂

      Check CTRL+Console out here:

      Last, as to style: There were some sequences that would benefit from steading your shots so they don't bounce or integrating smooth motion with dolly (you can make your own). VideoMaker has a great post on "smooth move video":


      Rock on!

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