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      Hi Everybody,

      I've been getting more and more into videography as a hobby, and I'm hoping to make a little cash doing videography on weekends. I have some questions and need some advice. I'd love to hear what you veterans have to say…

      I have an awesome EOS 5D it takes amazing pictures and video, I love it. The big problem I have is with the audio. I've been looking into getting a shot gun style microphone attachment. If anyone could answer some questions for me about microphones and maybe even a little bit about your background, I'd be super grateful.

      What type of external microphone do you use for videography?

      How did you decide it was the right microphone for you?

      What type of videography do you do? (birdwatching, sports events?)

      Hobby or professional, or both?

      How long have you been into videography?

      I would super greatly appreciate any and everybody's answers.

      Thanks so much,


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      If ambient sound is all that you're after, then a shotgun style mic is fine. If you want to record good audio of someone speaking, then you need a decent shotgun style mic used by a boom operator who knows what he/she is doing.

      I work for a local community college and do a lot of interview style shoots. I bought two Sanken COS-11d lavalier mics, one white and one black to make my life easier. They also come in flesh colour. These mics are very small and easy to hide on my subject.

      Videomaker has several articles that are worth checking out.

      Two of them are and



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