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      Greetings to everyone who invest of their time & talent, helping those exploring this fascinating profession. I hope someone might read this introduction & offer me some sound advice…

      I was a top salesperson for many years in real estate & financial services, and one of the most significant methodologies I used to surpass my peers, was specific campaign marketing, utilizing Photoshop & InDesign (a little Illustrator… but I can’t draw a “stick-man”), for static/print media in a variety of ways, i.e. sales & advertising – communicating ideas in exciting, dynamic ways… I loved the creation process & got serious kudos for my designs & the income my efforts produced. I just bashed my way through the software, figuring out how to create the things I wanted to express on paper, never having any formal training of any kind… One very big surprise to me was how much I enjoyed the Adobe suite of tools & finding ways to bring an idea to life in print… It became a passion, an obsession, I loved it! I’m 52 years old & with the nightmare in the real estate/financial world over the last several years, I chose to step out of the financial services arena & felt that I’d like to pursue this graphic design field. In my exploration of the various related fields, I discovered the explosion in video communication, on the net & in the mobile communication areas especially, with the projected growth in those sectors surpassing any other by so much it’s a joke… & a no-brainer, that this is THE area to devote my most serious consideration. But creating in video, telling a concise, exciting story, it’s a whole new ballgame, it’s going to be a journey…

      My fiance is a psychologist/coach & she was exploring her options to create a video blog & perhaps design a web-based coaching/seminar/training type of platform. At the same time, I found a new network marketing company called Talk Fusion who’s entire thrust is in innovative ways to utilize video in communication, both personal & professional… I’ve found my home; I love the network marketing business model. To have found a way to combine my years of sales & marketing experience with the visual creation process is exactly what I was praying for…

      It is my way to jump into something head first & this has been no exception. I made a moderate investment in DSLR equipment & I am learning, but the area I need some help with is on the computer build I am currently working on, I need some help figuring out some issues with my GPU’s & the dual 4k monitors I’d like to utilize… I know it is more than I need at this stage of the game, but i figure there is no reason to to build something disposable, I might as well build something that I can learn & grow with for at least the next couple of years…

      Is there anyone here I could ask some questions about my video editing build as it specifically relates to my graphics cards & monitor considerations? If someone could point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated, I am on fire to move in this new direction… Thank you for your help, this web site ROCKS!

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    If you post your questions, someone will answer. I’ve built several PCs including my current editing workstation, but a good deal of my knowledge had to be updated with each build. Searching on Google was a big help, finding sites like Tom’s Hardware. Editing machines share a lot in common with high end gaming machines (GPUs, beefy processors, lots of RAM) so that’s a good place to start looking.

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