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      Hi all
      First off, please forgive me if I'm posting this to the wrong forum.
      I work with a church recording worship experiences. Currently we're using a two camera setup (recording in each independently) then editing the two clips together in iMovie or FinalCut. We're wanting to upgrade to a live switching setup to all for Imag and a quicker turn-around. 
      We're currently looking at the Panasonic HDTVP-2 system ( ). It's cheaper to buy the parts individually than it is the complete set, so we've got the flexibility to pick and choose a little.
      My main question is on the switcher itself (Panasonic AG-hmx100)… Is this a good mixer? We'll need to get at least a few years out of it and I see it's a model that's been out a couple years already. Will it grow with us, or be obsolete in a year? Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated.
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