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      Hi everyone!
      I’m a sophomore in High School that has some experience in digital photography. I know my way around iMovie from school projects but that is pretty much it. I saw some other high schooler’s short films and I decided that I wanted to give filmmaking a go myself. I’m a strong writer that is full of creative ideas and I wanted to try making films because it seems really fun and exciting.

      What are any of your guys’ recommendations on video equipment? I’m not quite ready to start buying a bunch of professional lighting and mics but I figured I might as well invest in a proper videocamera. I have my Canon T2i Rebel but the video memory is extremely minimal and shotty. I don’t really know how to have stable camera motion.

      Also, any advice for new filmmakers like me?

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      I *love* my T2i. Seriously. Recipe for success:

      1) Get a -good brand- Class 10 card, maybe 32GB.

      2) Install Magic Lantern on your camera ( This will give you a ton of great ‘pro’ capabilities on your T2i, like zebra striping, iso at optimal-for-noise multipliers, etc.

      3) Get or make your own FlyCam type device and learn how to a) calibrate it… this is SO essential, and b) use it (practice over and over and over floating it around, shooting, panning, etc. so your footage is silky smooth motion and is free of ‘drunken cruise ship syndrome.’

      4) consider buying a really low aperture lens like this:

      Why? Two reasons. It lets a ton of light in with that f1.8 aperture *and* is ‘wide angle’ on a full sensor, which means even on your/our cropped T2i sensors, we’ll get a nice full image. In practice you’ll be able to get wonderful shots in lower light and also be able to get those crazy shallow shots with the wonderfully blurry bokeh backgrounds that contribute to making video look quite filmish. Good news- when you migrate from the T2i (after hopefully working it to pieces), you’ll love this lens on any Canon. It’s nice.

      Good luck and please try to get as much as you can out of your T2i before you invest in something else. Trust me, your T2i is capable of so much killer documentary style footage if you dig in with Magic Lantern and a desire to succeed.

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      Stefan I.

      If you’re looking for a beginner’s guide to buying a video camera, may I suggest this article:

      It covers the most recent trends for 2016 and has some great tips on how to buy the perfect video camera for your needs.

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