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      I am a high school senior looking to do to college for multimedia production. I really enjoy editing but currently have a 2009 macbook pro. I need a new laptop to edit on but i’m not really sure what to get. I have always used mac but i’m open to getting something different with the price of the new macbook pro. Do you guys think I should stick with the Macbook pros or go another route? Thanks for your help.

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      I know they have a higher resell value but personally think the cost of a Mac is just too much. I used an i7 Acer with 16GB Ram and an Nvidia card last week for an edit abroad and it handle the editing, export and after effects very well. Main issue was the screen – it was not good enough quality for colour grading. This is where the Macs are very good.
      I’d therefore personally look for a PC with Nvidia graphics card and spend extra money on a really good screen. In fact this is what I am planning to do for myself very soon.

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      I agree with Jamie about using the extra money for a top quality screen. The visual clarity of the videos on my newer laptop is way better than what I see on my 4 year old monitor even though both are 1920×1080 resolution. I am also a PC user.

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      While Macs are nice to have for certain things, video editing isn’t one of them. Both platforms will run Adobe software, and there’s nothing that a Mac can do there that a PC can’t, other than running FCP, which, to me, isn’t enough of a draw to make me want to go Mac. Actually, the hardware is mostly the same across both platforms, other than the screen as mentioned before. So if you’re open to using a Windows-based machine, do yourself a favor and save some money.

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      Thanks for the help

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