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      Hello, everyone. I've been reading through some of the forums, and I must say, there's a wealth of info here. I'm new to video, and I have a question concerning avchd. I have a canon vixia hf m500. My computer is windows 7, 64 bit, 3.2g AMD Athlon 2 x4 650 processor, 8 gigs ram. I have premiere pro cs6. I read somewhere that, when shooting 1920×1080 30Psf, my video is progressive but wrapped in a 60i container. The article went on to say that I could use certain software to unwrap my progressive video before editing with premiere in order to preserve full quality. My question is; is this really necessary to preserve quality? Can't I just edit the MTS files in premiere and then save as a progressive file without quality loss? If so, should i render as h.264 for web viewing? And if not, does anyone know the specific software that I need to rewrap these files before editing? Ok, that was more than one question, and I'm sure I'll have plenty more to follow. Thanks to anyone in advance.

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      Hi reddman


      60i means 60 frames per second interlaced.  Interlaced means it takes 2 frames to create one frame.


      So you end up with 30 Frames Per Second of FPS.   


      You are correct.  When You export the finished project,  pick H.264 and below that you can pick from a hundred formats of various qualities. It has settings for Youtube and Vimeo and so many others.


      it usually goes to progressive automatically without any loss in quality.  The quality comes from the settings you pick in the dropdown.


      But for the internet, Using H.264 seems to be the standard.


      Feel free to play with the software and see what comes out.


      If you have any other questions let me know


      Have fun


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      Thanks, Barry. That helps a lot. I'm sure ill have many more questions. Thanks again.

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      You are very welcome reddmann,


      As I said feel free to experiment, you can't hurt the original file. H.264 can be for the web or for TV broadcasts.  It depends on what settings you use. You'll see


      If I could ask for some feedback.  And I didn't answer your question because I wanted something back.

      I have been teaching myself filmmaking for about a year and can now answer questions about things I went through.


      I usually make short hopefully funny videos.  With a simple plot and different angels and so on.

      But this idea popped into my head and I eventually had to see how it went.  It's basically a stunt.


      I thought of different things I could do while under the freezing water to make it more interesting.


      I am currently looking for feedback from people one at a time to see if it's worth promoting.


      Watch it or don't.   I am putting it below in case.   if you watch there is also something not obvious that I didn't plan for.  No one has seen it yet.  But that's not the main thing.


      If you watch and find it funny or interesting let me know. You can tell me how horrible it was if you wish as well.  It is a shower but it is from the waist up.  Thanks Barry




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      Barry, I'll certainly watch and give my thoughts on it. I'm replying from an iPod and its not letting me watch. As soon as I'm back on my desktop, I'll watch. Thanks again.

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      That's very kind of you.  I truly appreciate it.


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      No problem. Maybe I'll learn something from it myself. It'll be a while before I'm back at the desktop though.

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      Barry, I thought apt of it was funny. My wife thought it was funny. Maybe some different angles and close ups could help some.

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      Thank you and thank your wife  very much for for watching


       I understand your point about angles and close ups and I have made those kinds of video.


      This time since it was real, happening in real time, I could have used my DSLR for another angle. 

      But I  didn't want it to look like I had taken a break.  In narrative movies, a cut can help progress time.


      It doesn't have to but I wanted 1 angle on purpose. That is why I included the waterproof camera and the Picture in Picture.  I didn't realize until watching how much I was shaking,


      But it would have been difficult to place another camera.  I went through a long time setting the lighting so it didn't reflect off the glass.  One happy accident.  Did you see a ghostly perhaps demon like face in the gllass?


      When I am less tired I will post a photo of the the set up and an explanation of what kind of lights and how I used them.


      Anyway,  I was going for funny in an extreme situation in one take..  It means a lot that your wife and yourself thought that.


      My Very Best 



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      You're very welcome. I didn't notice the face but now that you mentioned it, I'll watch again and look for it when I have time.

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      Well now . . . . .


      My first impression was that the camera setup was a lil bit too high. Perhaps my feeling that the bit was going a tad long would have benifitted from having more camera angles than one continuous shot, being able to cut/edit from wider shot to c/u's etc. And then I'm not sure the audio distortion was a positive contribution . . . .


      Rick Crampton

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