New Guy Trying to Learn- 30 or 60fps?

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      Hey guys, my name is Jay and I’m new to this website and forum. I have been making my own videos for 10-12 years and have recently decided to form an LLC and start my own production company to make wedding videos. I already have 2 booked in October and have possibly 3 or 4 more for next year. I have only been an official LLC for about 2 months now and haven’t really advertised at all, I just have a good friend who is a really good wedding photographer. I feel like I am off to a good start, but I have a lot to learn before October! I have never had any kind of classes or training of any kind, I have just learned what I know on my own from google or youtube. I want to know more about what I am doing to be able to produce a quality product. I will be videoing with a friend and editing myself using a Macbook Pro with FCPX. I just purchased a lot of camera gear including a Sony HXR-NX3/1 w/ a lot of audio gear, tripod, monopod, and Devin Graham Glidecam. I am looking to achieve a cinematic look with my videos. I want to have all the basics covered and then build on that knowledge. I have searched for the answer to this question, but most of what I have found is old info or doesn’t relate directly to my situation. Knowing what you know now, what video format should I be using and why? Here are my choices on my camera:
      1080/60i FX
      1080/60i FH
      1080/60i HQ
      1080/60i LP
      1080/60p PS
      720/60p FX
      720/60p FH
      720/60p HQ
      1080/30p FX
      1080/30p FH
      1080/24p FX
      1080/24p FH

      Thanks for any help!

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      I would definitely go with the highest quality (1080) and since you are looking for a cinematic look…. 24fps since this is what is used in cinemas…

      Then the question becomes Interlaced (I) or Progressive (P)

      I looked into this recently (for streaming video) and found this article….

      also, I typed “Interlace vs Progressive” in google and found good articles that you should read…

      so based on your available formats you only have 1080/24P as choices…

      now FX or FH

      I would go with the FX (1080/24P FX(24Mbps) because its a higher Quality…

      Good luck with your new endeavor!


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      Space Racer

      Weddings are a very high-pressure situation, so if I were you, I would take my camera, one microphone, and a tripod out and start practicing, practicing, practicing on everyone and everything you can. Even if it’s just your domestic partner/spouse or your cat. Leave the slider at home for now.
      Get a book on wedding videos but make sure it includes a checklist of typical wedding video shots.

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      I agree with Space Racer, high pressure, stressful, and practice… I set up three stationary cameras to get shots that I know I cannot get during the ceremony. Usually, two facing the congregation from angles to cross the center of the platform to capture candle lighting, communion, vow exchange, etc. Use a real person to frame the shot (usually multi-level platforms mean that persons will not always be framed the way you want, so go wide, and post-edit). The third camera is centered in the rear of the church to capture the entire event at the front of the church.
      I always try to capture at the highest frame rate and resolution possible, you can “down-convert” later. Because I use slow-motion and pan-zoom effects in editing, I like to have “more on my plate” to work with.

      Biggest problem for me has been the contractual understanding between the couple and myself. What are their expectations? Okay, and at what cost? Editing could go on forever, but at what cost? When is enough, good enough for the price agreed to… Samples with prices are good to have available to show them. Try to get an agreement with the photographer to use some of his stills, too. And don’t forget about the music and singing – copyrights, copyrights, copyrights.

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