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      Howdy alll —

      New guy to the forum – been looking for a place like this.

      My bacground: sixteen years in radio & TV production, back in the days of Ampex 2" Quadraplex recorders and  RCA TK-44s, which I used to chip and match as a production engineer.

      Now I earn my daily bread else how, but you can never really leave the game completely.

      So I can't tolerate shoddy gear, shoddy practices, shoddy production values, shoddy audio.

      I spend a lot of time on personal audio production, still photography, and personal video production. I love the fact that mere citizens have access to production tools that would have cost far into six figures when I was doing it for a living, but I detest the clueless approach to production fundamentals we see at all sides. Many folks (present company excepted!) don't even have seem to have, judging by their output, any idea of what they don't know, and it shows.

      So I work hard to put together good projects with good production values, just to show what can be done by paying attention both to fundamentals and to details. Folks say, "How'd you do that? It looks so professional!"

      Yup, it's nice to be an amateur…

      Nice to meet y'all

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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      Welcome aboard!

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      Always nice to have an expert here.

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      Welcome to the Forums. You'll find yourself in good company here!

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      AvatarJennifer O’Rourke

      I remember those Ampex 2" Quadraplex machines! I felt so "big time" when I learned to operate one! Welcome to the Videomaker Forums – you'll find a nice home here.

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