New GFX card for Adobe CC Suite

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      Who here knows a bit about PC hardware? Am building a new suite for Adobe CC, and looking at graphics cards at the moment. The Nvidia GTX series are an obvious choice (I have a 970 in my gaming rig and its a beast) but I’m reading that the Quadro series are more purpose built for workstations, and have better drivers for editing etc. Problem is a $4,000 Quadro K6000 gets crushed in benchmarking by a cheap 600 buck GTX 1080…I am confused, anyone else gone down this road lately?

      I will be using this PC for video editing mostly, ie: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Lightroom/Photoshop and DaVinci Resolve. It doesnt have to be the most powerful ever, but I want to future proof myself somewhat. I expect to pay around 600 bucks or maybe more for the GPU

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      The Quadro series aren’t much better than the Nvidia GTX series. The source I was relying on when I was choosing between them – video editing tools reviews.

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