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      I'm liking what I'm seeing with the new forums lineup. You all listened, I think, to everyone and helped make it more like it was, cleaned up some slow topic slots and gave it a more organized approach. I hope this will encourage all our disgruntled forums users to come back and try again.


      Once I get a handle on where things I remember or want to check out have settled, I can get back to doing my job … mentoring and moderating.



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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      Thanks Earl-

      We're not done yet. Breadcrumbs still don't look quite right and it doesn't look like "Active Topics" is populating correctly. Also, it looks like every thread is defaulted to "sticky" which I guess isn't a problem if they're all behaving the same way.


      Stay tuned for more improvements.

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      Glad to hear it, Mike. Looking forward to all this and more goodies. Hope all our solid and trues will start hawking the improvements and bring others back into the fold, and new ones as well.

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      Really starting to shape up nicely, Mike. Huge improvement; I know you guys have been working hard and it shows.


      Has "Production" as a topic area been dropped?


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