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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Congratulations on the new design for Videomaker. The forums are not as easy to navigate as before, but with some time I will get the hang of it. Wanted to ask how can we change the avatar picture from the profiles? I was used to seeing the happy faces of Videomaker's regular forum contributors, but now all I see is a default character. Some people do have personal pictures, older user don't. 


      Also on the old forums we could add an automatic "signature" after every forum we responded to. Can we still add this signature? Thanks. 

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      Mike Wilhem (SP) noted recently it's still the Wild West on the Forums and that eventually things would settle, including avatars and returning some authority to moderators. We'll see where it takes us, this Wild Wild West.

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      I thought all this would have been ironed out in beta?  This is rather unprofessional of them to launch the new site with these problems and oversights. If I approached my editing and authoring abilities like this I would loose customers…

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