New equipment, need some input and ideas for £20k budget

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      I’m looking for a little input and advice on gear options on a £20k budget for a new setup I’m building for our company.

      We used to shoot w/ a Canon c300 mark 2, but ended up downgrading after a year because our company wasn’t shooting so much video at the time. Now, we are ramping things up again, and are currently on the GH4. We are introducing a new videographer so will need new equipment, but generally we are wanting to do a full overhaul on our gear and upgrade things.

      I am still floating the idea of returning to the C300 mark 2. I don’t want to spend the entire 20k on the camera, wanting to get some new lenses and such too… But, 10-12k on the camera is probably what I’m thinking.

      We use Premiere Pro in our workflow on Mac.

      We shoot documentary content, and also advertisements/promotional videos for our business, normally a mixture of environments, both controlled and some run and gun too! So really looking for something versatile, but able to deliver the highest level of quality too.

      Any ideas and help would be appreciated.

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      I can tell you that I have a Canon XC15 (4K AND great 1080p) which kicks butt at run n gun and doc work…. built in 3 stop ND filter, shoots in C-Log, also comes with the MA-400 microphone adapter that you get with the C300 mk II, fixed lens (f2.8 – 5.6 aperture) with 35mm equivalent of 27mm-273mm, waveform monitor, focus peaking, the list goes on…. there are some excellent videos on youtube from William Ridenour on this XC15 camera and you'll mostly want to shoot in TV mode when running and gunning so you keep the same shutter speed and don't end up with weird footage…. this camera is made to work in semi-auto mode but also has full manual for when you have total control over lighting, etc…  from a authorized dealer it runs about $2200 now and also once again does 4K… it was made to shoot B-roll for the C300 mk II but works awesome as a main doc and event camera.  SEVERAL modes of image stabilization but I like powered the best.  Rent one and try it out, you won't be disappointed !  Records 4k to C Fast (only) and 1080p to SDHC / SDXC.  I had to upgrade to a newer card reader to read the new 64gb SDXC cards i bought for mine.  You will need to buy a reader for the C Fast as well.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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