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      G’day everyone,
      I’m a 78 year old pensioner but I’m also an amateur film maker and editor (mainly for family and friends). After 7 years with an old computer and soon upgrading to the latest EDIUS 7 program I’m in need of a new machine.
      I was interested in the HP Z840 Workstation (K7T09PA) but with a few minor changes (mainly memory) but a computer buddy has suggested that its Intel Xeon E5-2620 v32.4GHz is slow and I should get i7 8core Haswell. In addition, he says that its Quadro K2200 card is slow and I should get GTX-980 or 980 Ti.
      I would appreciate some expert advice before I make a final decision.
      Thanks and regards

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      Hi Don,
      First of all, I commend you for taking up filmmaking in your retirement years. It’s a rewarding activity, whether it’s a hobby or a profession. To your questions:
      You will most likely get more power out an 8-core Haswell. As far as the video card goes, the K2200 is a little long in the tooth, but still a usable card. However, more power can be gained using the high-end GeForce cards that you listed, as they contain more CUDA cores than the Quadro. You can get higher-end Quadro cards as well, but the get very pricey very quickly, the higher you go. The main difference between Quadro and GeForce cards is stability. Quadros are meant to be used for longer periods of time without rest and remaining stable, without glitches. GeForce cards are meant more for playing games in shorter spurts of a few hours, but give you more power because of what they’re made to do, but may become unstable if used for too long. However “too long” is subjective. I use GeForce cards, and they last me through a 12-hour day without issues. I would say save the money, and get more power with one of the GeForce cards.

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      Thanks very much Mike – good advice and much appreciated.
      Warm regards

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      Hello Don!

      I assumed that you already found the computer you are looking for. Just to give you a piece of advice regarding computers that are good for editing, I recommend you to buy high end laptops. This can be handy, you can work anywhere you want. Aside from that, has all choices good for video editing. Laptops that large hard drive size, best screen size and best RAM. Hope this helps you in the future.

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      G’day Lekeisha, thanks for your comment. As you say, I posted the request last September and I decided to go with Anton (a much admired Edius expert in Sydney) who custom-made a desktop machine for me last January. I must say that his service was exceptional and he actually came down from Sydney to my home in the Yarra valley of Melbourne to install it and teach me. The machine is working perfectly and I’ve produced quite a few videos including one that I uploaded for our Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) television.
      Warm regards

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      Hi folks! I am a brand new member and I am not sure whether this is the right place to write my questions or not. The original post is old but I hope that somebody out there can give me some advice.

      Like Don Fraser I am looking for a new computer. Due to my personal circumstances I have to have a laptop and my budget is around US $1,000. My editing and shooting skill level is between beginner and intermediate. I am a student at a local community college and next fall I will be taking a class in digital video and Premier Pro. I am also working as a Media Services tech helper and I have been editing videos with Premier Pro.

      Do you have any suggestions on what kind of machine I should research? I know that it would be very hard to buy a new MacBookPro for $ 1,000.


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      Hi Ottersplash,
      In the future, you can always just start a new thread if you have a question. But to answer your question, I would recommend this one:

      It has plenty of memory. More important, it has a very powerful video card, which is important for editing. The problem that you will usually run into with laptops, however, is that they typically won’t have the internal hard drive space that a video editor needs for video files that can be quite big, if they are of good quality. So you may also need to invest in a fast USB 3.0 external hard drive for scratch space, and that may cause you to sacrifice some speed of accessing those video files when editing.

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      You might try looking at the refurbished models for little savings. The chip speed is fine, I would get the 16GB of ram. And if you can afford it, the 500GB drive. The ram is soldered so if you get 8gb I believe you are stuck. I would consider getting 16GB Ram. Apparently, it is possible to swap out the 256 SSD drive at a later date with a larger, one. Check out this link:

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      The xeon is slow especially with single thread processing applications, and the GPU is very single task oriented and not good for other tasks you would use it for. I would aim for something with a Ryzen 7 1800x and a GTX 1060.

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      Thank you very much for your reply. I will look at your link.

      I have been using external drives (Seagate and WesternDigital) already, mostly to back up my files and more recently for video editing.

      Recently I infected a laptop pc (a borrowed machine that I have been using to do my college work, which won’t be able to handle Premier Pro) with a malware and my old MacBookPro with a spamware (first time ever. If you ask me I wish I could switch to Linux operating system but then I wouldn’t be able to use the Adobe Creative Cloud that’s required for my classes or would I?)

      So my dilemma is Mac versus PC. A lot of people told me to stay away from PCs. I looked at Apple refurbished MACs and I was surprised to see that for an 8 ram laptop (similar to the one that I am using) I have to pay almost the same amount of $ that I paid when I bought mine new!

      I wonder how many PCs get infected through the Creative Cloud. Is this something to worry about?

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