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      Alright so in three days im going to be ordering new equipment. Im going to be shooting weddings and events. I NEED HELP deciding between these three setups. First two options with extras come to equal my max budget of 3k and the third option saves me a couple hundred dollars.

      Gh5, Rokinon 14mm        This is going to give me IBIS when not on glidecam but its not going to allow me to get close up shots for ex: vows.

      Gh4, Lumix 12-35            This will give me IS and zoom, so can get closer shots and have the IS for non glidecam use.

      Gh4, Rokinon 14mm        This has no IS or IBIS so bad handheld shots. No close ups, still smooth on glidecam. Will save me some money to spend on                                                  other things.

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      GH5 over gh4, but if your workflow can handle working with raw I would actually go with a BMPCC over a GH5 anyway.

      As for lenses there are better lens options out there by FAAAR.

      For the same price you can get 3 NIKON AI primes in good condition that will give way better images. I suggest Nikon AI 20mm f2.8 and Nikon AI 28mm f2.8 and then a Nikon AI zoom. The Nikon AI lenses even Shane hurlbut uses them on par with $40k Cinema lenses when the Nikon AI costs only $200 or less on eBay.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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