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      Hi all,

      Glad to be a new member of Videomaker.

      I am here because I am about to buy a new camera and finally move away from the DSLR world.

      I run a small company with two other colleagues, and we want to do a qualitative leap, in order to catch a new slice of the market.

      We understand both the audio and the video components of filmmaking due to our background in both departments and we cover most kinds of productions: documentaries, music videos, promos, short films and live events.

      Our budget which has to include a lens as well is 8k tops.

      We are seriously considering the Sony FS700 which seems to have the best quality price ratio within our budget.

      I've been reading a great deal of articles and reviews for the last few days but I want to have direct opinions about it, because there are some other factors that might change our mind.

      An important factor is that we are also wondering if we should brake into the broadcasting realm.

      How expensive and where can we find an external recorder device compatible with the Sony FS700? What are our options?

      Will we need a dedicated recorder or is there an alternative on the market? Will it process 12bit RAW sensor data?

      Is there an alternative camera to the FS700 that is broadcast ready and is in the same price range?

      We are open to any suggestions and opinions about this, especially to any alternative to the FS700 and its ability to shoot 240Fps

      We look forward to your expert opinion

      Thanks all,


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