New Background for Green Screen Productions

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      Hey Everybody, 


       We just launched a new animated virtual studio background:



      It's basically an animated background rendered in quicktime format that you can use in any video editor when working with chroma key/green screen footage.


      I have been doing green screen production and motion graphics for a good bit now, so if anyone has any questions about techniques or anything, just let me know.  Thanks for taking a look!


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      At 00:15 the woman in the black dress doesn't seem to be properly keyed?


      I would recommend you fix that since if you want to sell a service, you want it

      to look perfect in every single way you can. However, awesome work otherwise.


      I am soon getting my own green screen in a very small room (9ft x 9ft) and my

      camera is using chroma subsampling 4:2:0 so I hope it will also work for me

      even though I might have to be better with my lighting and with green spills?

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      It really looks very professional. Contrary to what the previous poster wrote (not saying that I do not believe he or she is right) but I did not see the glitch appear in the video. It looks solid and it is something that I might think about picking up to be honest. 

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      Thanks for the feedback!  I see what you mean on that shot of the woman, I think it is just a setting issue, I'll see if I can take care of it.  We don't really do too much editing for people (mostly just create and sell backgrounds that editors use in their own productions).  Thanks for taking a look!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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