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      Hi Guys,


      Im a digital producer for a cruise company in the uk and looking for advice, i have helped create  some great TV adds but i still feel something is missing.



      Do you guys mind having a quick look and giving any recommendations





      Boomer 89



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      Firstly, where do you get a fun job like this! Haha


      Videos are great. Nice concept and nicely put together. Perhaps the acting is a little over the top but I think it adds to the surreal nature of the concept so it mostly works.

      I don’t think I have much constructive criticism, just wanted to say how good they are and maybe you need not worry too much about adding more things to them.

      Can’t wait to see what concept you/your team comes up with next.


      And it also made me want to go on a cruise!


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      Hi boomer – I'd agree with John that there are many good things going with your campaign. Very polished, effectively executed concept.


      The thing is, these spots could be perfect for one situation, and all wrong for another. Do you have any general idea of what might be missing? Is it in the concept? Production/editing? Is there a mismatch of message to market?



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