Neumade Cast Iron Rewinder for sale

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      Neumade Cast Iron Hand Rewind for cleaning film. Whole set $150.

      Here is the description when purchased from Urbanski new. Prices have since gone up….

      NEUMADE CAST IRON 16MM Model RW-1 REWINDS. 2000foot Capacity, full grip 2
      3/8 inch handle, 4 to 1 ratio, two point bolt on base. Included in the set
      are 1 geared end, and 1 dummy end with tension adjustment..NEW..$209

      REGULAR 8 REWIND MODIFICATION. When you order your new 16mm Neumade rewinds
      we can modify them to also accept regular 8 (standard 8) reels..for this
      modification add $90

      SUPER 8MM REWIND ADAPTOR Fits any 16mm rewind shaft, allows you to rewind
      super 8mm film. Easy to use, removable, brass construction. New, a product
      of Neumade.$56 updated

      NEUMADE REWIND BOARD. Formica panel (board) for your Neumade
      rewinds..pre-drilled to the rewind model you order…board measures 42
      inches by 12 inches….allows for portability of your rewinds..$175

      ECCO MODEL D APPLICATOR. Cleans movie film in 8mm, 16mm, 35mm. Mounts
      between rewinds. New. Use with any film cleaner..$385.00

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