Needing critique for a pro bono wedding video that I made

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      I just filmed a pro bono wedding and would really appreciate any critique.

      I’m new to weddings, though I have a few years of videography experience with marketing videos. I was a 3rd videographer there but all footage and editing is my own. And the music track was licensed.


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      Very nice. The music tied in nicely with the video editing. The clients were very lucky to get this high-quality production for free. Well done.

      Paul F.

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      A nice montage with good editing overall to the music. For the montage, perhaps use less jump cuts, a few are OK to do, but some shots that were cut into 3 or 4 similar pieces could have been left as longer continuous shots. As a 3rd shooter, I would suggest a little less camera movement since 1st & 2nd shooters are likely to be moving to get those main shots, where you can hold shots a little longer so that the detail of your shots can contrast with their main shots for editing the main video. Keep at it.

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      Well done…but with some help, from VideoMaker/us, you can make it better.

      Shooting: 1) Keep your camera level while shooting. 2) Lower your camera while shooting, in some shots, the subject’s heads are in the middle of the frame. Get their heads higher in the frames. 3) Use a wired, but better yet, a wireless mic on guests/speakers (lower your background music while someone is speaking). 4) More interactions with guests.

      In post: 1) STABILIZE your clips. I became nauseous watching the clips. 2) Color correct each clip. Currently, they’re too washed out. 3) Vary your background music to match the action. 5) Before client receives the proof of the video, make sure you watermark the entire video. So your client doesn’t capture the video before the final, un-watermarked version gets in their hands. 6) Hopefully, you use a DVD software program that creates markers and chapters. 6) If you have #6, make sure you create credits for yourself and the personnel you used to create your project.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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