need to match impedance VidPro microphone through mixing board to Vixia HF R40

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      So I am having trouble getting optimal sound quality to the Vixia HF R40 camcorder using a VidPro MX-L lavalier condenser mic running through a Behringer Eurorack UB1202FX audio mixer.  I don’t have a mini to XLR adapter to be able to use the XLR input and the Invisible Mic Pre (maybe that’s my problem)  I have the mic plugged into the Line in and tried tweaking the Gain and Level controls, and the Main Mix control which also adjusts Level,  and managed to get a clean sounding signal but it appears to be weak.  The board also has a PHANTOM power supply.  The VidPro mic has a built in power supply capsule that is battery powered. The power supply can be switched off for use with a smartphone. 

      if I get the mini to XLR adapter and run the mic into that input does that solve the problem?  Or is something else going on? What should I try?  Thanks!

      Here are specs

      Audio Mixer
      Microphone Input (IMP “Invisible Mic Preamp)
      Max. input level:  +12dBu @+10 dB gain
      Gain range:  +10 to +60dB

      VidPro mic
      Sensitivity: -30dB +/-3dB

      Vixia HF R40
      Microphone input
      Unknown (but probably the same as the VidPro as the mic is a perfect match for the HF R40)

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      You are being silly! The mic inputs are for microphones, and the line inputs expect around 100 times the signal level – nearly a volt, but your mic provides microvolts. XLR inputs are designed for these low level signals. You MUST use them. You can buy adaptors, or solder on the proper connector – you cannot connect microphones to line inputs – it just won’t ever work!

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