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      Need help from more experienced videographers.

      I have a Lenovo ThinkPad E550 with a SSD of only 250 GB that is reaching its limit.

      I have never used an external drive for video editing, so I need some suggestions. My laptop has standard USB ports.

      Can someone recommend a good solution? I’m looking for speed, primarily..


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      AvatarKevin Mc

      You’ll be limited in speed by the USB2 ports on your computer. Without USB3 (or better) any external drive will work about the same, as they are pretty much all faster than the USB2 speed limit set by your existing ports.

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      I think it’s best to stick to using your SSD if you need the speed in editing. Anything external will be slower and you will get impatient with the lag as you are not used to it. Perhaps you can free up some space in your SSD by transferring those files that you do not use often to a USB 3.0 external drive and only use your laptop for projects that you are currently working on.

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      Great idea; thanks. Yes, I should move some of my stored video from my ssd to free up space, and store in my MS cloud account.

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