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      I am needing a little advice and don't really know where to turn so I am here asking if anyone could answer with experience or point me in the right forum direction to find out the answer. What I am doing is trying to setup a video system in a gymnasium. We have two jumbo screens on the walls that we will use to play certain things during the games such as intros, player pics, graphics etc. We have a balun with HDMI to cat 5 running to the projectors that will play the video. We also have a speaker control to run all sound from our vantage point. Does anyone have any experience with anything like this? I could use a TriCaster 40 which would make it easy but the cost is a little prohibitive at this point. I am thinking of building a computer to run the video to play to the pjs but was wanting to know what some would think needs to go inside the computer? CPU, Video card, capture card? I will play HD video with this so it will need something fairly powerful. Also, I am planning on a possibility of several things to also do. We are for sure going to hook up several cameras and have them at various places during the game and show the crowd and different things during the game. We also live stream our games so I was hoping that I could possibly use those cameras for added looks too instead of a single camera. I just need to find something that will make this possible. I don't know if any one of these on this link would be what I need for capture or not? . We will be using HD cameras with either component out or HDMI out to go into our capture device. We don't have SDI camcorders or anything SDI and probably won't either. Is there something other than SDI from blackmagic that would work with the HDMI or component from the camcorders or any suggestions. Then when we capture all of this I will be putting out a clone to the pjs and the monitor for the computer. We are looking at software to run the premade video clips too. or There is so much I want to do but just need to right equipment to do it. I am actually a little overwhelmed by all of it when looking for options because there are so many choices. I have not found anyone though that could tell me what my best options would be. I don't live in a large city so I don't have anyone that can show me anything and we are great distances from any. I would find it much easier to explain to someone by talking to them so I hope I can find someone that I can call on this. I don't know if this even makes sense to anyone but I don't know how else to explain it. I kind of know what I want to do but I have mixed emotions too. Like I said we do live streaming of or our games and I would like nothing better than to give us a more professional look and have 3 or more cameras going during the game but I have two great jumbo screens also that I need to utilize also and that will be my first priority at this point. If anyone can give me advice or lead me to the right spot (maybe an insane asylum) I would be grateful. Thank you.

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      Not sure what your budget is, but I've heard blackmagic has some good products which might be able to help you with the live stream. 


      Check out their products here

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      Thanks.  They do have great products.  What I need is to get in touch with a designer that would help me get something setup for what I need.  Preferably the place that I buy the items from.  I understand what I want to do but am not familiar with what I would need for sure to make this whole setup work.  Thanks for your response.

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      Combo B&H and Blackmagic should do the trick for you.  B&H is a great place to buy.  Blackmagic's $1,000 switcher with 6 HDMI inputs that can be controlled by PC or Mac should work for you.


      Contact Blackmagic for design support.


      I've only done standard definition, and strictly amateur multi-cam nput work, and only seldom, but I have done a live multi-cam stream where one camera was my underwater scuba system, cable to surface to transmitter in a buoy; receiver on the beach and board mixer to mix with surface beach cams, then streamed online.  I regularly use 4 cams via remote control.  Now with WiFi this is easier, but I have old stuff and use 3 Bescor units with my Sony cameras with Lanc remote controllers, and make a 50 ft cable bundle back to my control table.  One camera is wide angle static, the other 3 I control remotely for pan/tilt/stop/start/zoom.  I use these for pan/tilt:

      then get the 50 ft extension cord, add a monitor cable, and Lanc cable, and wrap it all in spiral.  One man shop controls 3 cameras, 4 cam sources (the 4th is the static wide angle), and works great.  If you use a mixer you'll want a separate person to do that.  The BlackMagic mixer/switcher above will connect to your laptop or desktop and you'll be able to add graphics, do on-the-fly green screen, play canned clips from the computer, etc.  Decide if you want HD or SD for live stream.  You'll have to buy some monitors, or use one larger one to use with BlackMagic which can show 10 inputs on one monitor.  Understand that the standard you want to achieve is what you see on TV.  Now look at the credits for one of those productions.  There's lots of gear and lots of people.  While it seems simple and seems should be cheap, it ain't.  Can you do it?  Yes.  But be ready to have some help and to make some compromises.  I get my 7" monitors off ebay; HDMI for about $130 instead of $500 (not quality color calibrated, but they work).  First consult with both BlackMagic and B&H (both have excellent consultants), then buy from whomever you choose, get some cables and accessories (like HDMI splitters and maybe amplifiers), monitors, cables, and maybe some cable adapters.  Be careful of the length of your HDMI cable runs.  My one HDMI camera won't push signal down 50 ft cable, but I add an amplifier/splitter and then have one 7" monitor at the camera and a second 7" monitor at my control board, and the amplifier easily sends the signal 50 ft (need to add a small 12V battery or AC adapter for power to the amp).  There will be few "gotcha's" like that you can expect along the way, but trial and many errors will get you through it.  It won't be easy!!

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