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      Hi everybody, 


      I am just learning to record with my D7100.

      Here is my first production. 

      I use Premiere Pro

      I need some advice to improve. I watch tons of film on Youtube, to get some inspiration. 


      Thanks for your reply. 


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      The best piece of advice I can give you is "Don't use copyrighted music" unless you have a license to do so.  If you're just showing this to friends and family it's probably alright, but if you post it to websites like YouTube and you monatize it, YouTube or the copywright holder will be on your back to either remove it or purchase licensing rights.   Other than that, I liked the framing, composition, and pacing of the video, but  technically I did not like the over-exposed shots.  Some people think that look is artistic, and in many videos it does work, but when the video goes from an over-exposed shot to a properly exposed shot, then back to an over-exposed shot, I think it looks a little erratic.  Just my opinion.


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      I was thinking it needed some slo-mo just as it popped up at about 2:43.  Maybe some "film looks" applied.  How can you fix your reflection in her sunglasses as you circle her?

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