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      Hi Guys,


      I'm a Mac guy cause i'm not very good with computer.  I have an old laptop Macbook Pro 2.5 Intel Core 2 Duo and 4GB Ram( i know it's old). Just upgrade to FCP X and thought all the MTS and AVCHD can convert to movie through FCPX.  Well,that's not the case.  i have Sony TG1 and Panasonic TM700 and it's giving me the hell for 5 years trying to convert them.  It won't read or recognized them through FCPX.  I have drag or import and many times doen't work either.  I'm not sure if something wrong with my computer or my camcorder  or I have no idea.


      First of all, what's a good MTS and ACHVD software for Mac

      Second, what's a good MTS and ACHVD software for PC


      I just want to drag and drop, don't want to mess with the setting cause i don't know how.


      many thanks

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      I'm a PC guy and regularly deal with frustrated Mac users who can't import files that I can with ease. According to one Mac user I know and trust, the solution is to copy ALL the contents of the card (SD or whatever you use) to your computer. Then browse to the file and your Mac will be able to recognize it. Please let us know if this does work for you.



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      Hi Mike,

      I try that already, it doesn't work because when i import the file AVCHD,it doesn't even highlighted.  I'm not sure what's going on?

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      Tea, in that case I don;t know what else to tell you. Here's the quote from the guy who recommended this procedure. Maybe you're doing something a bit differently?


      One thing that I learned from FCP X is that you need to archive the entire AVCHD card structure. A lot of Vegas editors (including me at one time) are use to navigating down to the folder that contains the actual video files and dragging and dropping them onto your hard drive. That is the wrong procedure. FCP X won't work with these files and if they are split across 4GB FAT32 boundaries they won't be spliced together properly. FCP X expects to see the AVCHD folder structure from the card so that it can read the metadata.



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      Generally, Final Cut Pro especially the FCP X now can support MTS format. While, there are still some factors won’t let you import and edit MTS in FCP smoothly such as a certain camera is not recognized by your FCP, a corrupted MTS file(output of a whole AVCHD structure) won’t be supported by FCP… If you are in such situations, you are advised to convert MTS to ProRes for using in Final Cut Pro without any issue.

      Transcoding MTS to ProRes 422 on Mavericks 10.9

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