Need recommendation on a first video shoot of an interview

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      Udhaya K

      Hi. I am Udhaya from India.

      One of my friends approached me to make an interview video on a political topic. This is the first time I am planning for a video work. Here are the points I have decided to work with:

      1. Two cameras – 5D mark iv for interviewee and Nikon D3200 for anchor
      2. Two microphones – One for each
      3. Two umbrellas / soft boxes

      Now, because this is first time, I have few points in mind:

      1. A decent video is enough – The content should reach audience without any distrurbance. Not a great quality video targetted.
      2. Not much of Post Production (PP) to be done – Would like to go for automatic / default settings of the gears to start with
      3. Should be an economical production

      I would like you to recommend me the following:

      1. What microphones should I go for – Should cut hissing noise. Should automatically adjust volume input output levels. Should come with automatic setup feature to do this based on ambience. Pl. provide a wireless and wired option. Will pick based on affordability.

      2. Since I have two microphones, I guess need some audio mixing device? I also want it to give me one headphone output. Cordless is most preferred. But again subject to affordability.

      3. Do I need a separate memory card to record the audio output from this device? Or is there an easy way that avoids mixing video and audio in PP?

      4. Do I need any other hardware(s)?

      5. While doing PP, when I change frames between one camera output to another camera output how do I easily manage audio to stay in synch?

      Pl. help. Thanks.

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