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      hello everyone!

      I'm writing here since I can't really find much useful advise on which handycam to buy. Most of the things that I read usually end up saying that handycams will be dead soon. Its more diffuclt to find support forums for handycams compared to dslr and micro 4/3 camera.

      I currently own a Olympus EPL-5, and would like to purchase a handycam because I record a lot of videos as well.

      The videos will mostly be used to record my little baby girl but I want something future-proof as well which I can use to capture my kids when they grow-up, like their school events etc.

      My budget is around 300-400 usd but I can stretch it to 500-600 usd depending what I'm getting.

      Can someone please tell me where should I search or advise me some models that I should be looking at. 

      PS. I'm not sure but is there something like low-light performace handycams for which I don't have to break a bank because google showed me results and all of the low-light performance handycams were usd 1000+

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      I have had a Sony CX230 camcorder for a year or more and am thoroughly

      satisfied with it.  It is very small and lightweight and records on an SD card.

      I think it has 30X zoom.  Would I buy the same one again?  Absolutely.

      Plus you can take pictures while recording a video.  It's a great family


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           First, as far as "future-proofing," you can't.  Camera's sold 5 years ago do not live up to today's standards.  And in 15 years, when your baby girl is in high school, the camera that you buy now for sub $600 will give you poor results compared to video standards of that time.  Over the years, you will be buying new equipment, or you will be settling for very poor looking video.

           As far as something that works well in low light, you have to consider that the cameras that you are looking at already have very small sensors.  The smaller the sensor, the more light that will be required in order to produce a good image.  They are low-end cameras, even at $600.  Sony cameras in that price range, might be your best bet.  But even then…  I don't mean to rain on your parade with these points, but these are realities of making video.

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      Thanks barnacle, will check out the model.


      @mcrockett. Well…if I increase my budget – the camera will still not be future-proof, correct? How about something that works today – like a handycam which I can just use to make good watchable videos which are better then my 41MP Nokia 808 and my Olympus EPL5. Some suggestions plz? 

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      You are correct, an increased budget will not future-proof you.  The reason that I even mentioned it is because you asked about cameras that perform well in low light.  I was merely pointing out that within the budget that you specified, you're not going to find much in low-light performance.  As far as cameras within your budget, again, Sony would probably be your best bet.  Look for reviews on the HDR-PJ340, and see what you think.

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      hi…can someone please tell if this handycam is good – Sony 3D Handycam HDR-TD10E Full HD. What price should I pay for a used set? 

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      Is it a good camera?  Well, a couple of other questions would need to be answered first.  Firstly, this is a PAL camera.  Do you live outside the US?  If the answer is no, then this camera is probably not for you.  If you do live outside the US, then do you have a need for 3D?  Most people don't, and it may be an unnecessary feature that you would be paying for in this camera.  If you can answer "yes" to both of these questions, then this may be the camera for you.

      As far as getting one used, I wouldn't know what you would pay.  I would look on ebay if you're looking to get one used.

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