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      Brother Dan

      Hey guys –

      I need recommendations for gear and software. My client needs an easy to operate system (I will be there to set it up initially) that will stream in 1080p, and I need to capture it via that stream for editing (I will be off-site).

      I’ll be lighting with soft boxes (easy to use for the client), and will need decent sound for this lecture-type series. Shots will be basic talking-head framing, so I’m thinking a fixed-lens webcam might be sufficient for images, plus a USB lavalier if I can find one(?).

      So, my first question is, is this even doable? The client is an older gentleman who is pretty clueless with technology, so once I get it set up, it needs to be push button operation for him.

      I would think I can get it done with consumer quality equipment as it will be adequately lit, and though price is a consideration, it’s not the only consideration. It must be an effective and simple system.

      Any recommendations for the whole rig would be appreciated: camera, microphone, capture solution.

      Thanks for the help!


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      Manycam is free; you can use that as the streaming client. Definitely use a webcam, there are several that can do 1080p, although 720p is sufficient for a good quality image. Many have built-in mics that, in a setting that you describe, should work well. If the environment around your client is noisy, then a separate mic is in order. Manycam handles both the audio and video.

      All this requires a decent quality laptop preferably with USB 3.0. USB 2 will work, but you may not be able to get to 720p. You’ll need a remote control such as Team Viewer to help set up remotely.

      Of course, an internet connection, with the laptop connected by ethernet. Wireless may cause problems and if your client is not a comfortable with tech, skip using wi-fi.

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      Check your computer processing:
      Intel core i3 handles SD video
      i5 min 720p
      i7 full 1080p best laptop for video processing

      There are plenty of low price capture cards including:
      Diamond Multimedia USB 2.0
      Elgato Systems Game Capture HD
      Magewell HDMI to USB 3.0

      Lower end computers can handle 1080p webcams

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      Brother Dan

      Thanks for the reply. Computer specs are covered, it’s image and sound I’m concerned about at this point, both quality and ease of operation.

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      Brother Dan

      Thanks, Ed. I’ll definitely check out Manycam. 1080p is preferred, and I’ll double-check hardware specs on the client’s end.

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