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       Hey.  I'm not a videographer, but I want to take a stab at it for an artistic endeavour.  I want to make a video very similar to Janelle Monae's Cold War and D'Angelo's Untitled in that it will have just a face in a solid black background.  What's the best approach for that?  A green screen, a black curtain, an empty room with the light hitting at a specific angle?  Thanks. 

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      I'm looking at the video on YouTube for the first time so this is a little off the cuff. 


      The overall lighting level is pretty darn low, therefore wider iris and more shallow depth of field.

      My guess is a diffused source like a Diva 400 with additional diffusion about 2 feet above her eyeline and maybe 3 feet in front using incandecent tubes.  1 or 2 Diva 200 2 feet behind her and 3 feet overhead with daylight tubes for rim/back lighthting.  I'd be willing to bet that there were more than a few white cards to add some subtle bounce and an farily dim eyelight 6 inches beneath the lens.


      Definately shoot on black.

      Such and uncluttered look, you need a great stylist and gaffer.



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      Good advice!

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