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      Hi guys,

      Just a few days ago the owner of our school asked us to create a video or something like an advert of the high school site and what they like about the school. I’m thinking of interviewing people and film them like some documentaries but it feels like it’s too long and and need something more fun. of course we add some of the buildings being built but i’m looking for more ideas that might enhance what we’re trying to do. take note that this is our first time and maybe a big deal for us. This will only take a week and no other special activities will occur.

      Thanks for the help – Jau

      We’re right now using 2 Cannon T2i and a Nikon camera I forgot what it was called 🙂

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      Jau_ If you are going to use this video to attract students, you better do a good job. One week requires real focus and good technique. I suggest you show 3 prospective students or parents and have them state what they are looking for in a school, then use 3 current students or parents to answer those questions and add footage of the school or programs as appropriate. The answers should come right after the questions. Good Luck and let us know how it turns out.

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      Kevin Mc

      ^ I agree with John. Know ahead of time what “story” you’re trying to tell. That way, you’ll know when you “got the shot”, or if you need to shoot more. Shooting for a week or more is really overkill. If you plan ahead, you can probably get what you need in a day or two. And always remember to shoot tons of B-roll to use as filler and transitions.

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      I know you most likely have already done the video, but future idea. State a series of questions all the same to all those interviewed. Finished product for your time constraint would be to say or text out the question one time and then follow that with a short version of each answer one right after the other.

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