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      I am having an issue with my audio not syncing properly with my video. I shoot with a dslr and record audio separately on an H4N. I shot an interview and when I bring the audio clip to the timeline to match it’s video, they don’t align properly. It since properly with the lip movement for about 5-6 seconds then the video starts to get ahead of the audio, and eventually to the point where my subject has stopped talking but the audio of the answer continues to play. In fact, the duration of the audio clip is about 50 seconds longer than the video, when it should only be roughly a 5 second difference (the amount of time it takes to press record on the H4N then over to the cameras record button).

      I do know that I shot the video using the IPB Compression setting which doesn’t compress each frame individually as opposed to the All-I Compression setting. So I’m thinking this is messing with the syncing but I’m not sure. It still doesn’t explain why the audio clip is so much longer than the video. It seems like this is unfixable but if anyone has any thoughts on how to fix this or what exactly is the problem that would be great!


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      The only thing that comes to mind is that video records audio at 48K while a Zoom defaults to 44.1 so make sure that it's set to 48K for future use.

      What editing software are you using?

      Some software allows you to slow the audio to match the video and, more importantly, keep the pitch correct.

      If yours doesn't, try Audacity (it's free) as it lets you do this.



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