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      Hello, I’m new here but I really need help with my Sony vegas Pro 12.

      I don’t know if this problem was there when I first got my Sony Vegas because I didn’t use it often at that moment. And also because  ‘the problem’ sometimes takes longer to appear. (This varies from 30 seconds to 10 minutes).

      When I open or start a project and start to put clips in/edit them, there is no problem. But when I start to play the video, the frames (or the clip itself, I don’t know) start to mess up and will get worse after time. When this happens I have to restart my Sony Vegas to solve this, but after a while the problem comes back. Sometimes I have to restart my Sony Vegas more than 5 times just to see how my project looks so far.

      Also during and after rendering the video the frames mess up. It took 6 tries to render a 5-10 second video because of it. Normally I make videos of atleast 3 minutes so rendering would take a long time.

      This means I will never be able to render my videos because of this problem. Could this mean that I need a new graphics card or can’t Sony Vegas take my clips? Please help!

      Extra information: 1. I’ve had Sony Vegas Pro 9 on this computer before my hard drive stopped working (I bought the exact same hard drive after that so it should be the same computer). And on Sony Vegas pro 9 I never had this problem.

      2. The clips mess up with AND without effects  on them.

      3. I’ve tried changing the quality in the rendering settings and also the preview quality.

      4. I’ve tried multiple clips from different cameras.

      5. After  one clip starts to mess up, all the clips will mess up even when I put new ones in. Here is a picture of how the clips mess up most of the time.   on 1: the screen goes completely black. On 2: It looks like the screen crashes. On 3: A random clip shows up on the screen during playing a different clip.

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      Before I can offer any advice, I need some basic info on your setup.

      What kind of CPU,  how much RAM, how many hard drives, make and model of graphics card, what kind of footage is on the timeline?



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      It sound like you have a video card going bad you might uninstall the card, put in the old one and test your Vegas software, if the problem goes away get a new video card and install it. since you dont have a video card the on board video controler isn't powerful enough to keep up with need a good video card

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      Hello Mike,

      The question I asked wasn't really correct. By saying 'Could this mean that I need a new graphics card?’ I meant: I don’t have a graphics card yet , should I buy (a new) one.

      Also, what exactly do you mean by saying ‘what kind of footage is on the timeline?’.  Do you mean the footage on the print screen in my post? That was just a clip of Air pollution.  Almost all the clips are .avi files, but sometimes I use .wmv files too. (However, this problem never occurred on my Sony Vegas Pro 9)

      Anyway, this is my screen shot of the information you asked for.   

      (I have one hard drive)



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