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      I have a canon gl2 and when i put my sd card in it just says reading card but it never pulls up whats on the card.Why is this happening? Please help me

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      What size SD card are you using? The GL2 was bult to take an 8MB card, our faithful camera is around 10 yrs old.


      Other than that, try reformating the card.  This will delete everything that is on the card but helps when the sd card has a corrupt file.  This will be done on your computer.



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      I have a 2gb card,did you mean 8gb not 8mb?

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      I have an 8gb SD card, if I try to format it with the GL2 it never works. Ive tried to format it with my computer but it constantly says the card is in a "write protected" position, can either of you help me out? thanks.

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