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      Hi! I’m a newbie here so I hope that I won’t break any rules if I include links. Recently I had to make a video, it was connected with my job, and I used one platform, Here it is
      Frankly speaking, I don’t like such services, it actually does not look like a video, it’s an animated presentation (am I wrong?). Unfortunately, I can’t record videos and I have to use such services. The question is: do you know any good sites like Viosk or PowToon to make animated video clips (free or at reasonable price) and upload to Youtube?
      Thanks in advance!

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      What you need to make Video Clips is Camcorder or DSLR. then shot them your self, or open your search engine and type ‘stock videos for downloads’ and contact any one or multiple ones and tell them what you need, some one who has Video Camcorder can shoot it for you and the charge you for it. Then you put a Video Editing Program On your Computer and learn to operate the Program, or you get someone who edits videos to do it for you, again at a cost

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