Need help with new Go Pro 3+ Black settings

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      Hi guys,


      Hoping someone can help me here. I am heading to New Zealand for 5 weeks in just over a week. We got a Gro Pro Hero 3+ Black for our trip as we are hoping to be pretty active.

      I have very little experience in choosing settings for shooting video but some of the footage we will be taking will need to be nailed 1st time.


      Can anyone recommend settings for the following activities :


      Bungy jumping

      Shark cage diving

      Swimming with dolphins

      Shotover jet boat

      General hiking

      Driving in car with mounted on dashboard.


      Im sure this has already been covered elsewhere but would appreciate having some personal advice as I have a week to get good at this! lol


      Much appreciated



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      Generally THE goto GoPro setting for any action is 1080 at 60 fps … in order to reduce jello and skewing.

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      The one thing you might want to change is your field of view. The WIDE or Super1080 settings are very wide … great for underwater and "over the shoulders" for things like jet ski's, biking etc. But for dashboard and hiking shots it might be too wide. You might want to consider the Medium view. NOTE that using the free GoPro CineForm software you can remove any distortion.


      Do NOT use the Spot Meter setting … it's very specific.


      ProTune and RAW White Balance give you the most flexibility in post production … the files will be very flat so that contrast and saturation and color balance can be set later. Your files will be over twice as large … a good thing … more information … if you have the storage space. Make sure you have extra BATTERIES and a Car Charger. I like to use a solar charger also if I'm going to be in a remote area. Body or Head mounts are great for a lot of those activities. Use a Floaty back if you are around water.


      Popuar extra batteries and charger:


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      Note if you are going from cool to warm you can get foggying up of the lens/housing. To counter that you need to use the moisture absorbing strips that GoPro sells. This occurance can happen if you close up the housing during a cool moist morning. Later when the sun hits the housing it can fog up.

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      Cool cheers for advice. 

      I have started testing and do think I have got a better feel for the camera. Still early days.

      I have noticed noise levels to be quite high at times but didn't see a function on the free software to remove it :/

      I am taking a 500gb usb drive with me as my dumping ground for files. When I head off to tour island (approx 4 day trip) I'll be relying on 2 x 32gb ultra cards. This will include the shark diving, shotover and bungee so I will most likely keep the shoots to a few minutes each. I can always by a replacement card out there if needs be. I have already purchased a usb car charger so sorted there.

      Should I reach for the Pro Tune setting as a default then?

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      I like to shot stills with mine … really helps get a feel for what it can do. Low light is the bane of GoPro's … although the 3+ is the best. NOTE the option where you set the resolution to engage the low light mode … which will reduce the frame rate instead of increase the gain, ie. noise. Give it a try.  Only use Protune if you really need to capture more dynamic range (contrast) and don't mind dialing in the contrast and saturation after you shoot. NOTE that when using CineForm, the default normal look is the same as NOT using ProTune, ie. you need to manully dial in the corrections.


      You can reduce noise in various aftermarket software packages but note that noise removal will soften your image over all.

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      If you are losing the light … instead of using 60 fps you can use say 24 fps … but you WILL get more jello and skewing effects with quick action/movement. Underwater you aren't going to get really fast motion so yeah, definitely use 24 fps there to brighten and clean up your image


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