Need help with live production set up.

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      Hello all, new to the forums here…


      Minor background info, I took a communications technology class for 3 years in middle school, so I used all the old analog mixer, switcher, etc. equipment because we produced newcasts and I was sort of the technical director, producer, and director all in one. It actually was my passion for a long time being that guy behind the scenes running and controlling everything… then I went to a high school that didn't continue that development (one of the biggest mistakes is I didn't go to the Academy that did have a continuing education program just for it!)

      I recently just got back into video games, and I'm planning on streaming tournaments online on location, but with much higher production values.


      Right now for a basic tournament from what I've seen online, you have a basic 2-3 camera set up. 1 for player A, 1 for player B, one for the commentary, and of course the video capture of the game. But for the most part there's no camera transitions, scene mixing. It's the same basic layout for 5-7 hours. The biggest chance in the broadcast could be when the matches are not being played and you're in the idle period, one of the player cam feeds switches to the announcers camera.


      Because e-sports gaming is becoming a bigger thing and in 10 years tournaments will probably be broadcast on cable tv like a sports event, I wanted to be one of the ones ahead of the game.

      I want to run a 5-6 camera set up. 1 for player A, 1 for player B, 1 for the announcers, and 2 for the audience. One that is stationary behind the audience and players (the audience seating will be horshshoe style surrounding the players), and one that will be like the "spider" cam you see in basketball and football events. A camera positioned right above the action that can move left and right while being able to pan around the action for intermissions and right before the action begins or ends. I don't think I'll be able to afford to set up a spider set of ropes in what would be like a hotel conference room, but I still plan on rigging a camera high up above everything just to be able to get a vantage point of the entire room and spectators in one.


      My plan was to just buy some hd camcorders like my Sony HDR-CX110 instead of professional grade ones for now because of my low budget. I do plan on buying some professional grade cams eventually.  I also imagine because most camcorders have mini-hdmi ports, that I will need long 50-100 feet hdmi cables, with male hdmi to female mini-hdmi converters. Or is there awesome technology these days that allows for wireless hdmi transmission?

      Can any of you suggest a decent mid-market switcher with enough hdmi ports that will be able to suffice for my needs? Also same for a video mixer or mixer software. I've looked at some programs for streaming. Xsplit looked to be a good option but I don't have Windows anymore only Mac. Wirecast seems to be the only quality option but it ranges from $495 to $1,000.


      Here is an example of a high profile tournament held last week in Orlando.


      As you can see, basic two cameras for player a and player b. But in between all of these matches it's rather static and uneventful just waiting for the next players. On the production side I plan on making it more of an event with a host announcer for introductions, better lighting, etc. 

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      A friend of mine did some of this a while back. His equipment budget started at $25,000 and went north from their, and he was buying budget and used gear. He later sold the stuff–the video just wasn't very engaging. Lots of shots of players grimacing, not a whole lot else.

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