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      So hi there! Recently, my deceased grandfather’s shed was broken into by two men in a white (what appears to be) GMC Savana and we caught the whole crime on video. The problem with the film itself is the low quality of the nightvision security cameras and the overexposure due to the van’s lights.

      I can tell from the video that the guy who actually broke into the building is a relatively tall and lanky white guy wearing a hoodie (he eventually switches to a baseball cap, showing he has dark/brown hair). Unfortunately, my expenditures in VLC media player haven’t been enough to uncover much else with the video, but I’ve uploaded my material in case anyone could be of assistance.

      Any new information that could be found using more discerning video skills and high end software would be appreciated. I’ve put the files in a compressed zip folder through google drive.

      Here are some details about the video:

      The chronologically first video is “Guy Breaks in.avi” which isn’t too interesting. This just shows the guy with a crowbar prying open the side door of the shed.

      The second is “Truck into Garage.avi” which shows the low life smoking, taking off his hat, checking his phone, taking a piss, etc. Eventually, the van shows up and they begin loading things in the vehicle. Unfortunately, the license plate isn’t visible in the film.

      “Car in driveway.avi” takes place from the middle of “Truck into Garage.avi” where it shows the van coming down the driveway at the beginning and escaping at the middle to end. an overexposed view of the license plate can be seen as they are leaving.

      This event hurt and infuriated my family, and I’m sure my grandpa is turning over in his grave knowing that a bunch of depraved criminals raided his belongings in the early morning. Any assistance that could be provided to uncover and put these men to justice would be deeply appreciated. Even if parts of the video are low quality (due to nightvision video being crappy) I would be willing to provide any extra information if needed, but in terms of materials, these videos are all I have to work with right now.

      here is the google drive link:

      feel free to scan it for viruses and do whatever, I’m not up to anything fishy and I’ve already made my intentions clear.

      Thank you and God bless,
      (Exhaustin) Austin

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      If anyone had trouble with the google drive compressed file, then message me and I will try to send you the videos directly

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