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      Okay so here is the dealio im working for my uncle this summer and he's a journalist mainly for camera tech stuff and cars.So my job will be making videos of the cars talking about them and then posting them on the internet but i have a problem. So he can email the people he works for ask them for any new camera or camera gear he wants but it has to be brand new or has yet to come out to buy. He said i have to find a brand new camera slider,microphone,tri-pod and anything related to that so he can ask for them.He already has a new cannon camera coming in. But my real problom is i dont know where to look for this stuff that is new so if you guys know of new gear that hasnt come out yet it would be awesome if you could tell me! Also the more name brand the better!

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      The newly announced Panasonic AG-DVX200 4k CamCorder

      Then there is the Black Magic mini URSLA

      and the one that just came out and I may buy,

      the JVC GY-LS300 which has built in wireless streaming.


      Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony all have new lens that have not/ just came to market.

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      I don't know your budget or the form factor you want.

      The Panasonic Mirrorless G7 is supposed to be announced today.

      Similar to the GH4 but much cheaper.

      It is a stills camera that will do Video

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      Canon 5D


      My Site:

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