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      Hey guys, I'm now working on my website design, this is more challenging for me cause i don't know coding, and I'm just better at video then websites in design


      Here is one of the websites I like, it's minimalist in design, but it doessn't really matter if i like it, it's what other people percieve from it. Let me know if this is a good design or not, I'm having a hard time deciding wethers it is good or not


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      Luis Maymi Lopez

      Are you making your website in full HTML or are you using a platform such as WordPress? If you are not using WordPress I strongly recommend it because the learning curve is rather strait forward. 

      The design you attach looks nice, but the fonts are too big in my opinion. If I were to edit this theme I would remove and change the header and the footer texts (which are huge) to the left sidebar. The central logo takes way too much space and should be remove from there moving it to the top left corner (or right corner) and leave the backgorund with just a gradient. The main focus of video producers website is their video reel so you need the appropriate space for the video players. 
      What exactly you want your website to feel like? Any other thing you have in mind? 
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         I dont even know word press, I am using, which is pretty customizable, the only feature I dont have that I want is the ability to use any font on the buttoms and menus.


      So far i was thinking of having each page have the corner menu buttons and the logo in the middle, then for each page have content on the left right top and bottom around the logo, leaving the middle mostly empty, except the work page, where I show my commercials, that page would have a black page come in from the left and have all the videos on it and be centered in the middle of the page


      I might try moving all the Page Links to one Side, and still keep the minimalist approach



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      Here is the About page I designed


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      Luis Maymi Lopez


      In my opinion this about page is way too loaded with information. When I first look at it I ask myself what should I look first. There are so many things compiled in one page that puts the pressure on the visitor to decide what to look at. You don't want that. When the user visits the site give them just one thing to look at in a organized way. By organized I mean having the content not scrabbled all around the whole design. Put it from top to bottom for an easier read. 
      This is just my personal preference, but in general is always a good idea to follow a minimalist approach for web design. 
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      If you're determined to design your web site yourself, which given your lack of familiarity with the tools required to do this is probably not too good an idea, consider this: people come to a web site because they are looking for something — a service, a product, etc. So the first thing they want to know when coming to a site is "Can this site provide what I need?" If the don't see that right away — some studies show this means within as short a time as the first 30 seconds — they'll go back to Google and find another site. So your home page should spell out very clearly and specifically what it is you do.


      They also want to know where you are located and how to reach you — i.e., an address, a phone number and, increasingly, an email address. If the potential client is in Nashville they're looking for a service in Nashville; if they don't see that information chances are they'll move on. I hear people defend not having a location on their web site by saying "Well, I work anywhere so I don't want to limit potential clients to people near my address." Perhaps, but the bulk of your clients will be local and they want to know where you are. They've got their project in their hand and are ready to hop in the car.


      We've worked out of our home for the past 14 years; we want to talk to clients before they drop in, but our home page makes clear what town we're in and asks people to call or email for directions. This has actually turned out to be a good marketing strategy; we have the opportunity to talk to people before they make the trip, finding out exactly what they need done and advising them on what to bring along when they come.


      Perhaps most importantly, your web site should reflect who you are. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of businesses that transfer VHS to DVD, for example. In my market area there are a couple of dozen at least. So in marketing our business I market myself. I want clients to come in, as a man did recently, and say "Hey, you look just like your picture on the web site." I want people to know I'm a "senior citizen;'" it improves my credibility. I have a link to a short biography where I talk about my past activities and my passion for fly fishing. In other words, I've humanized the site. And I've done that for everyone who works with us. We're not just a business; we're a group of individuals with whom you'll get to work on a video project.


      Finally, make your web site inviting. Black is a lousy color, the color of death and desolation. Make the home page bright and vibrant. Embed your home page links in a short text paragraph, for example. Use captioned photos as links; add a video link, which will provide another visual on the page. Make your site a place someone wants to stay and visit. Create links to pages that contain information worth reading. As an example: if you do film transfer to DVD you might provide a page that tells about the transfer process, identifies film sizes and discusses how the transfer can be edited once it has been put into a digital format. Information such as this, perhaps with an embedded  link to your DVD information page and another embedded link to your pricing table, provide a reason for someone to stay on your site, explore it and, if you've done your marketing well, become interested in other services you provide.


      Good luck, and good marketing.



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      I highly recommend using WordPress. It will cost you about $7 a month in web hosting but you will be able to do a lot more with your site as far as flexibility and options go.


      It is very user friendly. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress and make a website. Here is a tutorial that shows you how to do it if you want to check it out for yourself and see if you want to give it a go:

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      That's a great tutorial, Chris. Thanks for the posting. Has great information for all of us using the web for marketing.

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      Ok guys I finished making a design, I made a free test host of it. Also yes I know my work section only has 3 videos, I am 4 days away from buying $3000 in equipment, in about 2 weeks after i have setup from 5 business owners at my church, I am gonna do free projects for them,2 for boces, and 2 for a non profit, all of these I'm gonna shoot for national quality production to fill my work section of my website


      that aside tell me what you think of the design, and what I say through out the site


      here is a link, all though it wasn't working in chrome for me for some reason, if chrome or safari don't work with free hosted page, try IE10


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      Suggesting we here who are trying to help to use one of several different web programs to browse your FREE hosted website page is certainly OK, and most of us here usually DO try one if another, or two doesn't make it happen, BUT …


      … keep in mind, free hosted or otherwise, NOBODY out there is going to go through THAT much trouble to find you or to get your website to open. If you don't show up on their preferred web browser they're gone!


      Not to say that ALL websites MUST show or work with ALL web browsers, but something that works (and WordPress sites do) on at least Firefox, IE and Safari for sure is minimal expectations toward a successful website marketing experience.


      Sure, you've put in some work on your site and maybe you're even very proud of the results, but do keep in mind that you may be experiencing a LOT of valued tradeoffs by not doing something a bit more professionally or commercially viable.


      Arguably, WP is the BEST no-cost website developing tool on the planet. It used to be, and still is, geared heavily toward setting up blogsites, but there are so many options now for making a very effective and universally cooperative website that can top just about anything done by a professional. You also have scads of options from free and paid template sites, many of the quite sophisticated.


      A website, or websites, will ALWAYS be a work in progress. Work on your website is NEVER done and never should be. A static website with no new, fresh or consistent quality content will drop out of site with search engine optimization and none of the search engines will EVER do you much good if you build a site, post it and only occasionally put up a new clip. Most successful websites undergo some updating, changes or improvements on at least a weekly basis.


      So, no matter how much work you've put into this baby, you need to consider revisiting it, comparing what your site does, looks like and how it works to the BOATLOAD of competition you have out there and see if you stand up or out. You've gotten some really solid advice here from some really knowledgeable people. It doesn't appear as if you're inclined to go with much of it.


      Good luck, but it's gonna take more than dreams and hopes to make things happen and first and foremost is a site that not only shows up but COMPELLS people to visit, stay and return.

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      the free hosting service used a domain that doesn't register with WWW first, it is in their database as Http: on wix, ie takes the HTTP in the adresss when you copy and paste, but every time I copy the addess into chrome it goes to WWW not http://Jknight392, this causes the server not to recognize the address in Chrome and give a 404 error, this is because chorme is designed to be for users who are not web masters 


      The paid hosting version I will be using is very reliable, once I put in my own domain,, it will be viewable on all browsers, even mobile, in fact i already can view my website on my phone because it is HTML5, this means the entire site loads on any mobile browser smoothly, on top of it wix has a extra feature to make a second layout for mobile. once I pay 7.99 a month and connect my own domain it will be viewable on all browsers and devices. to add validity to claim, 22,756,521 sites have been created with, thats alot, and shows they are a great resource


      the ability for website to be seen is not a problem, I did the research on wix and their servers have a 99% up time compared to other comparable hosting services, 7.99$ is a reasonable price per month, and their site builder is by far the best, which is why millions use it. I'm not degrading word press, I'm saying wix gives me a much more professional look because I can achieve things in it I wouldn't be able to do on word press with much more learning time


      I am very capable at researching every option and then I always compare cost, time, and final out come


      when I decided to design my own website I looked at 5 options, joomla, wordpress, wix, all myself with dreamweaver, or a html editor 



      this is what I figured out, I could almost get anything I wanted on wix, without having to learn code, it was the fastest option to achieve what i wanted, and it was free


      I appreciate your input earl, it is well balanced good approach, but if I don't follow it, it's not because I am a young arrogant 20 something that won't listen, but because everything I do I research first, I have spent literally 100hours researching camera technology to the point where I know tons about it, that way I could properly pick the best camera for the best money


      What I do need help with, is web design idea's, when I finish the design I kinda just draw a blank about what other people are gonna think of it, and if it will look good to the rest of the population, so far ive gotten almost all positive reviews about the design I used, which means I will probably go with this design style.


      Thanks for your time though earl, I appreciate it


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      Also as for Compelling people to return to my site, I am offering one things, video production. My website isn't a hang out for people who don't buy my services. I don't offer any vhs to DVD copying services or anything like that, I offer one thing, Great production at a lower cost then my competitors in this area. When people come to my website it will be because they are from syracuse, and are looking at me among my competition, who's website is


      their website is expensively paid for, they hired developers and yes I checked. My website is somewhat comparable to them, I like the minimalist approach I use better though. I did it my self for free, they paid someone, and there website is only a little better then my own, which is because right now I don't have a ton to put into it, once I get going I will add a live twitter and Facebook feed to the Home Page, more work to the work section, and other things like reviews of my service and comments on my professionalism.


      It's like any business website, I offer Service, I have a target market, Business Commercial production, I am targeting the market of successful local business who have achieved a certain level of success and have a cashflow enough to have a good budget for a HIGH Quality Very creative Spot. My goal is to produce better work then my competitor, for lower prices, on top of it, they can't get all the business, when it comes to production my market is almost untapped it's a rich gold mine waiting for me to mine it, my website only has one purpose, when people look up knight media from there own city they see what I am about and what I can do, I will definetly keep some live feeds going, new reviews about me posted, new work uploaded on weekly basis. but I don't need to be putting information that doesn't directly relate to my service.


      Also I will be running a budget advertising on Google AdWords, 4 dollars a day will get me 40 views in the syracuse area ages 27-48, with specific searching and viewing tendicies, this is the most targeted advertising I can find, and I only have to pay 10cents for the AD if they watch the whole thing to the end, then if they click on it will take them  right to my website, which then google ad words will tell me exactly how long people watch, how much traffic the adds send to my site, and then with a cookie tell me how many end up on my contact page. I can get 240 views a week from the syracuse area with 24$, then from there if I can get 10 on my website a week, i probably would be overloaded with business, all I need is 4 customers a week to work full time

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      JKnight,  I just don't understand why you post on this website, ignore good advice and get snippy when given constructive critism.  And then you reply with near lecture or authority, like you think you know everything!


      Best advice provided was to go find and learn wordpress and use a paid reliable web host… otherwise do whatever you think is best for you, cause you aren't listening to anyone anyhow!

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      Well, I didn't ask for advice on HOW to design a website, I know all of the available tools, and I found the one that by far meets my needs to the greatest level.


      What I asked for was opinions on the design I came up with, ONE person commented on how the design should change, and I followed his input and changed the design around like he said because it was a good idea and when I tired I liked it.


      When a person comments, only suggesting I put in a whole bunch of new work for a new way to design, that I already know all about, that will not get me the same results as, and then offers NO input on the design, which is what I asked for, yes I will get snippy, If you just atleast told me what you think of the design itself I wouldn't bother, but you guys only comment to tell me what you use, and that I should use it, that gets me no where anyway, because until I have come out with a good design, it won't matter what I design it in if I can't get a proper design established. Your attitudes toward me are that I'm some ignorant average kid who doesn't Know what wordpress or joomla is, OFC I know what they are.

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      Calm down, JKnight, in spite of what you may have gathered from the input to your initial post, everyone here WANTS to see you succeed. There are some things that all the research in the world will not teach you, only practical experience. There are certainly things we ALL can learn from one another, from YOU!


      When you talk about Google AdWords, well, you'll just have to find out for yourself how well THAT works. Sadly, it isn't likely you'll realize the return you expect on your small budget.


      Good luck to you in ALL your efforts and I do hope you achieve all you expect with the direction you are taking.


      Some of us here DO try to share MORE than is asked but for that I doubt ANY of us owe anyone an apology. This is what we're here for, to offer what we know, about what we know about. It is all to be taken or left, ignored or admired, as anyone with whom it is shared sees fit.


      Sorry your feathers got ruffled. Live and learn through trial and error.


      The grayhaired ones among us have been there, done that with just about every conceivable element of video production and marketing you can imagine. Beyond the fact that old age and avarice will defeat youth and strength 🙂 every time, the color of our hair can often represent wisdom and experience. Take advantage of it, even if it IS NOT exactly what you wanted, asked or expected.


      Trial and error is a GREAT teacher for those who want to learn the hard way. It can also be expensive and time consuming. Keep in mind that your website and your business marketing endeavors will ALWAYS be works in progress. This is NEVER done, NEVER reaches the lofty pinacle of perfection.


      More than once in mine, and I suspect many others who have spoken out of turn here as well, I've had to tear it down and start all over again because I found a better mouse trap. I started with click and build offered by web site hosting companies, picked up on the now-missing iWeb because I use the Mac, went to a couple of nice looking iWeb template designs, tried a few others such as what you've mentioned, then ended up with WordPress. So, yes, I've put in a lot of hard work that more or less had to get shelved for something more efficient, more effecitve, better and easier to implement in the long run.


      Also, you'll need to be sure and learn the differences in certain terms such as their, there and they're and then, than, etc. It won't look good if your website winds up with frustrating typos or poor word usage that doesn't always get caught by a spell checker.


      Everybody, please be nice. We all mostly just really CARE.

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