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      When transfering video filmed in 6:9 on a Sony DCR-HC62 (MiniDV) to DVD on a Sony Multi-Function DVD Recorder VRD-MC6 then transfering the video to my laptop it becomes distorted at 4:3. I tried opening the video with different software and got the same result.


      This is driving me nuts, because, beyond the format change, I need to edit this footage with another video filmed with a Sony DCR-SR47 (Tapeless), which came out fine at 6:9. Can anyone offer a suggestion/solution? Thanks.

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      Since this camera shoots in both 16:9 and 4:3 modes, is it possible you shot your footage in 4:3?


      Also, is it possible that the DVD recorder is set up to output in 4:3 mode?



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      Hi Jack,


      Sorry I took so long to respond. I've been away for awhile.


      Yes, both of your suggestions are possibilities, however the camera was set at 16:9. I know, because the video is actually distorted (squished) into the 4:3 format. I checked the DVD recorder for output, and everything seems to be set at 16:9. Not sure if this is an indicator, but as the video was being transferred it also appeared properly as 16:9 on the recorder's screen.


      I guess the next question is can you recommend a method to convert from 4:3 to 16:9 without distortion? I've tried some freeware, but it resulted in centering the 4:3 while adding blacked out margins to fill the remaining 16:9 screen.



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      Why not transfer4 the videofiles direct from camera/camcorder to your laptop.

      It is my impression that the multifunction dvd-recorder could be the problem..



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      Thanks, Leif. Unfortunately the equipment was borrowed, and the owner needed them back. The research to convert video format continues.

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      Have you tried importing it into an editing program and then converting the footage in there?


      I use Premiere Pro 1.5 and a lot of times when I bring in 16:9 material from Mini-DV or DVCPRO25, my setup will only see it as 4:3, so I have to Interpret the Footage and tell the computer to see it in whatever aspect ratio I'm using for my project (whether that be NTSC Widescreen with a pixel ratio of 1.2, or 1.333 for HD Anamorphic; plus if you are using footage captured on a PAL camera, the widescreen footage will have a pixel aspect ratio of 1.422, while standard PAL footage will have a pixel aspect ratio of 1.067—very different from NTSC Standard and Widescreen, are you sure that you didn't use a PAL camera?)

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      Thanks, Leif. Unfortunately the equipment was borrowed, and the owner needed them back. The research to convert video format continues.




      I use Imgburn though its interface can be a bit daunting maybe. but I'm sure there's other stuff out there can do this job. you can setting 16:9 or 4:3 before dvd burning.
      I assume videos in your camera are mts file extension, burn mts to dvd, see: 
      Tell me how it goes.
      – John
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