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      Hey Guys, really need help with something. I’m trying to do a video effect from another music video I saw on YouTube so I can implement it into the one I’m about to do.

      Here’s the video:

      In the video, there is constantly images being drawn including lines, shapes, and colors. The images dance about in an animated way that add for a real trippy effect. I know you would probably need to do something in After Effects to achieve this but I don’t know what it would be called or how you would learn it. Any advice is appreciated. Please Help!!!!!!!


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      Look up rotoscoping and continuous line rotoscoping to find out more information. You’re doing the same thing as those, but with less coverage of your video layer.

      See the link below for an example using ToonBoom software. The software is very different but the process is exactly the same in Premiere Pro / After Effects.

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