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      I am a self videographer hunter.. I make short hunting , cooking and comedy videos I have on several sites including Youtube. I have grown a great audience and I am teaming with a professional to put on a TV show this spring.

      Problems I have…

      Never taken any editing classes, just self taught myself

      Equipment : Sony HDR XR500V and Sony CX150 HD. Both film in 59.97 fps or low light 29.97fps.

      Editing program : Pinnacle Studio 14 HD.

      My problem.. I film and if I hook cam directly to a HD tv the quality is astronomical.. however when I edit and render the quality drops.

      I noticed my fps on my Pinnacle are only 29.97fps when I am set on 59.97fps on both cams,

      I started rendering videos in HD1080/60I 1920×1080

      Quality is not bad, but when I zoom in editing or slow down video it gets grainy and properties say 29.97fps.

      is this program the problem ? or do I have a setting wrong ?

      I would GREATLY appreciate any help

      Here is an edited video if anyone would like to watch and give me any suggestions

      You are more then welcome to email me at

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