Need help picking the RIGHT camera.

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      I would appreciate a bit of guidance about what kind of camera I should get.
      I've been really spoiled by my University using sony Z1 and Z7's so I know I would prefer a camera with an XLR mic input and phantom mic option. Although, preferably digital instead of miniDV tapes.
      The only problem is I can only really spend AUD$1,000 on my entire setup, including tripod and lighting and external mic. So really, do I want too much for what I expect to pay?

      If so what could I be aiming for instead?

      Thanks heaps.

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      Hi melris – sadly, AUD$1000 is a little low for want you want.  The lowest price I could find for an entry level pro camcorder in Oz was AUD$1889 for this Canon XA10.


      That said, you can get the consumer version of this camcorder, the Canon HF G10 for AUD$1410 (without the XLR inputs).


      With an inexpensive Hosa MIT-156 XLR to 3.5mm impedance matching adapter, you can use battery powered XLR mics (that is what I do).


      Here is what this camera can do:



      Hope this is helpful,



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      I think you can try this one It is full HD 1080P, 10X Optical Zoom. Seems very high performance.

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